“Renee DeVesty is doing the work of the Angels helping Rape Survivors Reclaim their Sense of Strength and Wholeness” 

~ Laurie Halse Anderson, NY Times Bestselling Author of “Speak”

Renee DeVesty is a Motivational Speaker and National Lecturer who speaks openly about her journey of Rape, Pregnancy from Rape & subsequent Domestic Violence. After suffering in shame and isolation for over 20 years, Renee’s mission is to empower and inspire other survivors to overcome their suffering and find the strength to reclaim their lives.  

Renee’s program is UNIQUE and connects with countless survivors because she focuses on what happens after sexual assault occurs ~ how the clenching grip of emotional and psychological chains are instantly shackled to victims, changing the course of their lives forever. Using her own journey as an example, she revisits the path she was forced to walk and illustrates the road to freedom through an uplifting blend of unconditional love, acceptance and hope. 

Attendees leave her events feeling a renewed sense of pride, optimism and dignity and are provided with multiple options to set themselves free.